Baobhan Sith (Blood-suckers)

These beautiful women preyed on men. Courtesy of

Baobhan Sith were among the deadliest of Scotland’s mythical creatures. Related to sirens, these beautiful women were able to entrance men, making it easier to prey on them. Although these creatures looked like women they were actually female demons. They sucked the blood of their victims though not in the same way as vampires. These creatures quite literally drained a body dry and sucked the entire life force out of their victims, leaving behind a shriveled and horrifying corpse.  Continue reading


Brownies- no, not that kind!

One of the more benign creatures in Scottish folklore is the brownie. These creatures usually attached themselves to a family and performed

A Scottish Brownie. Courtesy of

household tasks for them such as cleaning the kitchen, tidying the house, etc. Brownies were solitary creatures and avoided being seen by humans at all costs. It was very rare for two brownies to be staying within the same household although this sometimes happened. Brownies usually chose to live and work in a castle or big house or else on a farm or mill. These usually provided lots of cosy hiding places for the creatures to sleep in during the day and then at night they could perform their duties unseen. Continue reading

The Scottish Jazz Scene

Jazz and Dixie music have long been associated with the United States, particularly in New Orleans. Montreal in Canada also offers an impressive array of toe-tapping rhythms with it’s annual Jazz festival. However, there are a few towns in Scotland which could give both cities a run for their money in the jazz stakes.

Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival 2011

One such town is Kirkcudbright in Dumfries and Galloway. It lies just north of Carlisle in the south west of Scotland. This year it hosted it’s 14th Annual Jazz Festival from June 16th -19th. The festival began as a small affair in 1997 with 6 bands playing in one venue over 2 days. The event was organised by local business man Ally Thomson who was a fan of jazz music himself. Continue reading

Meet Blueflint- Scotland’s foremost banjo group

Traditionally when you think of Scottish music, the sounds of bagpipes will probably start filling your brain. It certainly wouldn’t cross your mind that banjo-playing would be a feature of the country’s music scene. After all, the Scots are not exactly famous for their bluegrass tradition. However, this niche genre is growing in prominence in Scotland thanks to the music of the Edinburgh-based group, Blueflint.

The band is the brainchild of childhood friends Deborah Arnott and Clare Neilson. Having lost touch after hanging out as teenagers, the pair met again years later through mutual friends. They were both learning the banjo separately at the time and started playing together and Blueflint was born.  Continue reading

Introducing the 3 Harbours Arts Festival

The slogan of the 3 Harbours Arts Festival is “art in unusual places” a mantra which is carried throughout. The term “art” is not confined to

3 Harbours Arts Festival. Courtesy of

painting or drawing but covers music, murals, photography, literature, dance, film, drama, crafts- the list is endless. One of the most interesting artists I encountered at this year’s event was a stonemason, Gardner Molloy. He had an impressive display of sculptures in the courtyard of his workshop along with portfolios of commissions and freelance work he has done in the past. Continue reading