Introducing the 3 Harbours Arts Festival

The slogan of the 3 Harbours Arts Festival is “art in unusual places” a mantra which is carried throughout. The term “art” is not confined to

3 Harbours Arts Festival. Courtesy of

painting or drawing but covers music, murals, photography, literature, dance, film, drama, crafts- the list is endless. One of the most interesting artists I encountered at this year’s event was a stonemason, Gardner Molloy. He had an impressive display of sculptures in the courtyard of his workshop along with portfolios of commissions and freelance work he has done in the past. Continue reading


Artist Profile- Shelley Jones

As this year’s 3 Har­bours Fes­ti­val drew to a close, one of the prime attrac­tions was the Mural Fest in Cuthill Park, on the out­skirts of Pre­ston­pans. Six artists faced the task of paint­ing a mural based on their inter­pre­ta­tion of the John Lind­say poem “Scary Haven”. Among the artists was local woman Shel­ley Jones.

Shelley Jones and her mural

“I wanted to con­vey the idea of land merg­ing into sea and sea turn­ing into land” she explained. “In the poem the Topaz  is the boat that gets stuck.” Shel­ley rep­re­sents this idea in the main body of her mural. “The skele­ton ships are stuck in the mud and they are never leav­ing.” There is an ele­ment of hope in the paint­ing though as the artist indi­cated the lone ves­sel in the top-left cor­ner of her work. “It’s the one that got away” she added with a smile. Continue reading

Mural Fest 5th June 2011

The Mural Fest in Cuthill Park show­cased the tal­ents of 6 artists in Pre­ston­pans on the final weekend of the 3 Harbours Festival. It was one of the main events wrap­ping up the week of art exhi­bi­tions. The painters cre­ated their murals based on their dif­fer­ent inter­pre­ta­tions of a given poem.

David Grigor is one of the artists who took part in the event. It was his third time par­tic­i­pat­ing in the Mural Fest and the artist obvi­ously val­ued the experience.

“It’s the most expres­sive way of get­ting involved in it” he said. “It’s fan­tas­tic hav­ing peo­ple com­ing around just to look and ask questions”. Continue reading

Artist Profile- Wendy McCarroll Sandeman

With a huge array of artists spread across the 3 Har­bours Fes­ti­val, there was no short­age of tal­ent in the area. Among the artists with exhi­bi­tions in Cocken­zie Power Sta­tion was local res­i­dent Wendy McCar­roll Sande­man. Orig­i­nally from Ire­land, Wendy has a stu­dio in Coburg House in Leith as well as work­ing from her home in Cocken­zie.

The envi­ron­ment was the dom­i­nant theme of Wendy’s dis­play at this year’s exhi­bi­tion. “I’ve been very con­cerned about the area because it’s actu­ally a con­ser­va­tion area,” Wendy explains. “But because it’s a bit off the beaten track peo­ple don’t take as much care of it as they should”. Cocken­zie and Port Seton also has some listed build­ings and Wendy is con­cerned that the place might be dis­ap­pear­ing a lit­tle bit. But she also feels the pos­i­tive impact of events like the Fes­ti­val on the community. Continue reading

Artist Profile- Genevieve Bicknell

Genevieve Bick­nell is one of the young artists who  took part in this year’s 3 Har­bours Fes­ti­val in East Lothian. Her exhi­bi­tion was on dis­play at the Cocken­zie Power sta­tion, along with sev­eral other artists from the area. Genevieve is very pos­i­tive on being part of the fes­ti­val. “It’s a great chance to meet other artists”, she says. “It’s a really good way of being with oth­ers, see­ing what they do and also hav­ing some­where for your work to be seen by any­one else”. Continue reading