Baobhan Sith (Blood-suckers)

These beautiful women preyed on men. Courtesy of

Baobhan Sith were among the deadliest of Scotland’s mythical creatures. Related to sirens, these beautiful women were able to entrance men, making it easier to prey on them. Although these creatures looked like women they were actually female demons. They sucked the blood of their victims though not in the same way as vampires. These creatures quite literally drained a body dry and sucked the entire life force out of their victims, leaving behind a shriveled and horrifying corpse. 

The baobhan sith were always beautiful and alluring making it very difficult to resist them. They also had deer’s hooves instead of feet, a physical trait associated with demons. They concealed these by wearing long trailing dresses which completely covered their “feet”. These temptresses used their beauty to seduce their prey. By the time they revealed their nature it was usually too late, as the following tale demonstrates.

There were four men who had set up camp in an empty shieling one night after a day’s hunting. After they had fed and watered themselves one of the hunters began to play some music while the remaining three danced to it. The men expressed a wish for dance partners and suddenly four beautiful women entered the shieling. Three of the women took up partners and the fourth sat beside the musician.

As they were dancing, one of the men noticed specks of blood on the floor. He looked across and saw that it was dripping from one of his companions. The hem of his partner’s dress was raised off the ground a little and he saw her hooved feet. Horrified, the man ran out of the shieling and into the night. His partner gave chase but the hunter managed to slip in among a group of horses which offered him protection from the demon. The following day, the man led a search party to the shieling. There they found the lifeless and bloodless bodies of his 3 friends, drained by the baobhan-sith the previous night.



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